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Curs Spring

Cursuri Online

Preț: 380 Euro + TVA

Durată curs: 5 zile

Locație: Clasa virtuala/Sediul clientului

Prețul include: Suportul de curs în format electronic si diplomă de participare.

Discount de volum:

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Plan De Curs

Introduction to Spring Framework

• What is Spring? Why Spring?
• A bit of history and phylosophy
• Spring Initializr
• Where to look for answers
• Project Lombok

Spring Boot Web App

• Exposing HTTP Endpoints
• Exercise: Implement REST endpoints
• RestControllerAdvice
• Converters Handling POST request
• File uploads

Dependency Injection

• Concepts, Manual DI
• Injection mechanisms in Spring
• Qualifiers
• Primary Beans
• Spring Profiles
• Bean Life Cycles (including Thread)
• Three traps to avoid
• Exercise: practice these concepts

Configuring Spring

• Spring Boot Auto-Configuration
• Default resolution of properties
• @Value
• Spring EL
• Internationalization messages

Spring Aspects

• Exercise: intercept a method call with a Proxy (manually)
• Aspect-Oriented Programming Concepts
• Creating an @Aspect
• Working with proxies: impact, detecting, self-proxying
• Double proxying problem

Working with JPA

• Configuration properties
• Spring Data JPA
• @Transactional: concepts, controlling propagation, debugging
• Exercise: adding JPA to our app

Spring Testing Support

• Starting a Spring Container for tests
• Transaction-scoped Tests
• Integrating Mockito Bean
• Testing MVC Endpoints

Working With RDB - Other Ways

• MyBatis Workshop
• JdbcTemplate Workshop

XML configuration

• Defining and Injecting Beans
• Scopes
• Loading properties, i18n
• Aspects
• Profiles
• Typical Web App Setup
• Exercise: convert our Spring Boot app to XML configuration

Advanced Spring

• Cacheable
• Executors
• Async
• Scheduled
• Events (vs Transactions)

Spring Security

• Security Interceptor
• User Details Service
• Security Context Holder
• Custom Authentication
• Standard Authentication Providers: LDAP/JDBC/WebSSO~SAML
• Filters: Pre/Post
• Access Control: @RolesAlowed, ACL schema, integrating
• Advanced: CSRF, Authentication tag, HTTPS, Remember Me
• Java Configuration

Spring Cloud: Bootiful Microservices

• start.spring.io
• Rest JPA Repositories
• Using Config Server
• Using Eureka Service Registry
• Using Hystrix cirscuit breaker
• Using Messages - Eventual Consistency

Spring Batch

`{`on demand`}`
• Jobs
• Steps
• Context
• Listeners
• Controlling parallelism
• Web UI

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