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Curs Ethical Hacking

Cursuri Online

Preț: 550 Euro + TVA

Durată curs: 16 ore

Modatalitate de organizare: – Clasă “in-house” (organizat la cerere)

Locație: Online sau la sediul Beneficiarului

Prețul include: Suportul de curs (în format electronic) și diplomă de participare (în format electronic).

Ethical Hacking
Security seen from an offensive perspective
Before taking this course, students should know: Basic Computer Networking, OS and Web concepts

• Develop ”Out-of-box” thinking
• See security from an offensive perspective

Course learning modules
• Penetration testing overview
• Various types of footprinting, footprinting tools, and countermeasures
• Network scanning techniques and scanning countermeasures
• Enumeration techniques and enumeration countermeasures
• Systemhacking methodology
• Different types of Trojans, Trojan analysis, and Trojan countermeasures
• Packet sniffng techniques and how to defend against sniffing, session hijacking
• Social Engineering techniques, identify theft, andsocial engineering countermeasures
• Different types of webserver attacks, attack methodology, and countermeasures
• Different types of web application attacks, web application hacking methodology, and countermeasures
• Wireless Encryption, wireless hackingmethodology, wireless hacking tools, and wisecurity tools
• Different types of cryptography ciphers, Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography attacks, and
cryptanalysis tools

• Damn Vulnerable Web Application, WebGoat, Metasploit – Rings a bell?
• Networking, Metasploit demos- to see the importance of servers upgrade
• Attacker’s mindset: “what an attacker would do?”
• Demos, demos, demos (practice vs theory)

Day 1
1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2. Information Gathering – Footprinting, Reconnaissance
3. Scanning, Enumeration
4. System Hacking
5. Malware Threats
6. Sniffing and Session Hijacking

Day 2
7. Social Engineering
8. Hacking Web Applications and Web Servers
9. Cryptography
10. Hacking Wireless Networks

Environment Materials for:
• Theory
• Practice
• Videos

For labs virtual machine with:
• Two Virtual Machines
• Kali Linux With Nessus
• Metasploitable VM with different vulnerabilities

Plan De Curs

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Information Gathering - Footprinting, Reconnaissance

Scanning, Enumeration

System Hacking

Malware Threats

Sniffing and Session Hijacking

Social Engineering

Hacking Web Applications and Web Servers


Hacking Wireless Networks

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