The protection of classified information

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  1. New approaches to the protection of classified information.

Classified information are becoming an object of greater attention, both at the organizational level, and of the alliances of States. Static, passive approach of the past, no longer corresponds to the new realities imposed by globalization and the manifestation of asymmetric threats. Awareness of these new approaches may require a change in the way the instruments and procedures for the protection of classified information shall be designed and implemented.

  1. Legal protection, the protection of personnel and physical protection of classified information in the new socioeconomic context.

The three types of protection of classified information must be in tandem with the working tools adptate specifics of each entity holding such information, in order to prevent some serious security incidents.

  1. InfoSec and cyber warfare.

Development of ultra IT has put its mark on the information in an electronic format. Their protection involves the adaptation of the mechanisms which, subsequently, involves additional costs. What would be the optimal level of cost-benefit ratio in the proecției information in electronic format for an organization? There will be analyzed the way war affects a cyber State or an organization, and the extent to which it envisages information exchanged in electronic form.

  1. Cyber-activism and crime.

At present, individuals and organizations depend on cyber space security. Cyber activism can affect an organisation's credibility or imagiinea, while heritage affects cybercrime and functionality. In this context, it becomes necessary to know which would be the optimal moddalitățilem protection of sensitive data and information for the Organization, in their dissemination on the internet.

  1. Peculiarities of classified information protection management in dealing with organized crime or terrorist organisations.

These two types of asymmetric threats pose a particular preference with regard to accessing certain types of data. It is in the interest of the Organization and its management to design and implement their own programmes pevenire and countermeasures of leakage of such information.

  1. Contraspionajul and protection of classified information

In this section we will make an analysis of the fundamental objectives of counterintelligence activities and approaches that exist in this area, and the main directions of action, both at the organizational level as well as national.

  1. Management of security incidents.

Identify potential security incidents depending on the specifics of the activities of the organizational and information held by this means to limit by at least half the adverse effects that may occur. Management of security incidents is perhaps the most practical crisis management/organisation level crizelorla holder of classified information.

  1. Contrainformativă preparation of the personnel involved in working with classified documents.

This component constitutes the essence of preventive mechanisms in the field of the protection of classified information. Man ste the most important vulnerability in classified information, and continuous education of it constitutes a cornerstone of the effectiveness of the work of protection of classified information.

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