For every ten days of course activated with Microsoft vouchers, Pro Management offers you free course exams!

Activate and use Microsoft Software Assurance training Vouchers!
The Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher program offers training for IT staff and improving cunostinteleor and its abilities on the latest Microsoft technologies: Networking, security, data bases, enterprise applications or software development tools. Microsoft Volume license clients who benefit from Software Assurance program can use vouchers to participate in the official MOC courses, supported by the instructor on the basis of official course materials, at no additional cost.

Using the Training vouchers your organization will get the following benefits:

  • Reducing IT training budget. Increasing technical knowledge and updating them;
  • Training of IT professionals and developers for successful implementations.

Specifically, the Training vouchers help pregatatirea the IT staff in:

  • Implementation, maintenance and support of new technologies;
  • Successful implementations and migrations to Microsoft Office or Windows operating systems
  • Educate several members of the Organization;
  • Gaining technical expertise for the design of internal applications.

How does it work?

Training vouchers offer employees the opportunity to receive courses for a specific number of training days that can be applied to the Official Microsoft Learning Product courses available worldwide. The number of days offered varies depending on the product and the number of eligible licenses. The administrator for Software Assurance benefits Asigneaza the Microsoft Volume license Services (MVLS) Web site training vouchers.

Aren't you sure you have Training vouchers?
Don't you know how to ask them?
Do you know what classes are available? Do you know who manages the Software Assurance program?

For instructions on how to enable and manage the program visit the Microsoft website

We'll help you! Do you have time for the Software Assurance Training vouchers program benefits? From activation to management, when registering the participants for courses, we can guide you in the entire process. Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be with you to benefit from this service.

Validate vouchers before their expiration date! Check the expiration date of your vouchers. and benefit from it by subscribing to any of the Microsoft official courses offered by Pro Management.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Software Assurance benefits expire?
A: Yes! Your vouchers expire with Software Assurance coverage.

Q: Can I use Software Assurance benefits after the Software Assurance period has expired?
A: If you book the training vouchers at our training center before they expire, the reservation will be valid 180 days after the date of execution. Otherwise, the Training vouchers will expire and will be lost... so make sure you book them and that you will be able to use them!

Q: What courses can I use for training Software Assurance vouchers?
A: Any of the official Microsoft courses organized by Pro Management:
Choose from our Microsoft courses program, the training you need. If you are interested in a course that is not (yet) available, contact the sales department at 021-317.09.29 for details.

Targeted courses: By organizing seminars at your own office, you will save time and money by addressing specific needs of your team.
Upgrade Workshops: Specialized Training on new features or a product upgrade.
Personalized Courses: Training experience tailored to your needs using Official Microsoft Learning courses and expertise of Pro Management instructors.
Application Development Workshops: Explore the development tools, standards and techniques needed for developing applications. Select one of the qualifying courses. After the course search, contact Pro Management for full information on starting dates and the process of validating the training vouchers.