Public procurement EXPERT

Public procurement EXPERT Course – COR 214946

Start Date: 10.09.2018

Price: 215 Euro

The course is exempt from VAT payment.

The price includes: Electronic course support and ANC certificate.

Duration: 4 days

Program: 09.00 – 17.00

The course is accredited ANC – according to the standard occupational public procurement Expert Code COR: 242101. The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Family and social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Research and innovation and attests all the professional competences of the occupation.

The diploma will be issued by the professional training provider (SC Pro Management SRL) by ANC – The National Qualification Authority and is recognised both at national level and in the Member States of the European Union. For international recognition of graduation certificates issued to graduates after the completion of the course, it is necessary to "Apostille" (countries signatories to the Hague Convention) or "Overlegalization" (non-signatory countries of the Hague Convention).


• Institutional composition in the public procurement system (MFP/ANAP, SEAP, CNSC)
• National public procurement strategy approved by GD 901/2015

• Legislative News 2016 (HG 395/2016) – Interpretation and applicability in practice by comparison with the old legislation
• Internal sector specialising in public procurement
• Contracting Strategy
• Planning and preparation of public procurement
• Annual plan – publishing it in SEAP
• Market Consultation
• New value thresholds valid for procedures and for direct purchase
• Procedures for awarding public contracts/framework agreements or organizing solution contests
• Open Auction
• Restricted auction
• Competitive Negotiation
• Competitive dialogue
• Innovation Partnership
• Negotiation without prior publication
• Solution Contest
• The award procedure applicable to social services and other specific services.
• Specific tools and techniques to award public contracts: Framework Agreement, dynamic purchasing system
• Simplified procedure
• The single European Procurement document (DUAE). E-Certis
• Direct payments to declared subcontractors
• Batch Sharing
• Qualification and selection criteria
• Award criteria: Lowest price; the lowest cost; Best value for the price, evaluation factors
• Official lists of approved economic operators and certification by bodies governed by public or private law
• Award of public procurement contracts and conclusion of framework agreements
• Completion of the award procedure. Informing candidates/tenderers
• Changes in ongoing contracts. Notion of substantial modification of the contract
• Powers to resolve disputes relating to the award of public contracts
• Prior notification
• Suspension of the award procedure. Appeal against Council decisions
• Additional documents. Substantial change of contract
• Dispute resolution and Remedies
• The objection to the administrative-judicial route
• legal challenge. Judicial fee
• The term of appeal and the effects of the challenge
• Elements of the challenge. Resolving the appeal.

ANC Authorization

Acquired competencies

Analysis of applicable specific legislation
Providing expert advice
Public procurement planning
Performance of the award procedures
Completion of the award procedures

MODEL Graduation Certificate

Access conditions + Registration documents

Registration for the Improvement Program is conditional upon graduation of higher education.

  • Copy of the ID Act
  • Copy of the last act of study, transcript sheet or graduation certificate

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