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    Start Date: 17.09.2018.

    Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (09.00-17.00).

    Price list: 1,350 Euro/pers. + VAT.

    Promotional Price: 998 Euro/pers. + VAT.

    The course will be taught in Romanian. The exam lasts 3 1/2 hours and will be written in English. On the exam you have access to both the course and the notes from the course, the dictionary and the supporting materials.

    What does the price include?

    Certified Training Support PECB Europe (in English), lunch, coffee breaks, final exam, certified PECB internationally recognized (only if the exam is promoted), the International diploma PECB attesting to attending the course. It offers free online assistance for 60 days, and support deployment post course.

    DPO Course Authorized in Bucharest obtains the authorization of the Personal Data protection officer

    We are organizing in partnership with PECB Europe, authorization courses for the post of Personal Data protection Officer (DPO). The course provides all the knowledge necessary for those who want to activate as Data Protection Officer according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Why follow the course of Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

    Advantages of an organized promanagement course:

    • You will be able to work as a DPO within any company
    • You will be able to perform a future job for which there is currently no competition
    • Get a diploma attested by DPO
    • Following the completion of the course you receive an authorized diploma certifying that you have the necessary knowledge and you can handle the function of the protective officer for personal data.
    • You learn good legislation and rules GDPR
    • Our program is very well detailed and there is sufficient time to clarify all the aspects necessary for the practice of this trade
    • You'll be able to protect the interest of the firm you work
    • We offer case studies and know-how to know what to do in case of potential security issues
    • Free assistance in implementing GDPR rules and regulations
    • Pro Management in partnership with consultancy company AIMS 4 PARTNERS SRL offers you free online for 60 days assistance in implementing the project compliance with GDPR.
    • You support an approved and Certified qualification exam

    Who is addressing the DPO course?

    Officer Data protection courses are addressed:

    • Project managers or consultants who want to prepare and assist the Organization in implementing new procedures and adopting new requirements presented in GDPR, which will enter into force on 25 May 2018
    • Responsible for risk management
    • DPO and senior managers responsible for the protection of personal data within an enterprise
    • Members of the information security, incident management and continuous Business team
    • Experts of compliance and technical experts who want to prepare for the job of data protection officer.
    • Expert advisors in the security of personal data
    • Persons responsible for managing human resources, including the management of personal data related to the Human resources department
    • IT companies that want to funizeze software and solutions that support the implementation of GDPR rules.
    • What we recommend – why get the DPO attestation through Pro Management

      • We work with prestigious companies and provide valuable qualifications – valid for the personal Data Protection officer's course and for all our courses.
      • We are partners and we offer courses and exams authorized by Microsoft, APMG, KRYTERION, CERTIPORT and many others.
      • Free online assistance is offered for 60 days in the implementation of GDPR rules and regulations. The assistance will be provided by our authorized PECB Trainer.

      for the DPO course (General Data Protection Regulation Authorization – GDPR) We have partnered with PECB Europe to provide a maximum of professionalism And all the information that a person who wants the DPO attestation may need.

      Get Free assistance and consultancy in implementing GDPR rules and regulations, after completion of the course for 60 days. The assistance will be provided by our authorized PECB Trainer.


      1. Manuela Tunca:

      • Data protection officer by PECB
      • has over 10 years experience as a Program and Project manager
      • Expert in agile and Waterfall methodology
      • Member of the Project Management Institute, Project Manager Professional accredited by PMI
      • Member of the "the Character Insurence" Institute in the UK and awarded in the Financial services and insurance industry
      • Volunteer PMI providing recommendations to the creation and creation of a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ® Guide — Fifth edition)
      • Master's degree in professional communication studies
      • Diploma In Electronics and Telecommunications
      • 20 years of experience in Operational Management
      • Founder of his own project of consulting Cabinet for project managers In the UK and Romania
      • Trainer for personal Data protection officer alongside Promanagement Romania

      2. Captain Casey:

      • Data Protection Officer certified by PECB
      • Trainer PECB for Data Protection Officer
      • Annalist Programmer for Solutions developed:
      • Desktop and mobile applications
      • E-commerce Sites
      • Presentation Sites
      • Community Sites
      • CRM for publishing companies
      • Copyright Management and rights for publishers and literature agencies
      • Desktop and mobile solutions for vending Companies

      3. Alexandru Alexander:

      • Data Protection Officer certified by PECB
      • Trainer PECB for Data Protection Officer
      • Lawyer

      Upon completion of the course you will have a thorough knowledge of:

      • Protect the reputation of an organization
      • Minimise security incidents
      • Build Customer Confidence
      • Keep existing customers and attract new customers
      • Facilitating data access
      • Ensuring a stricter application of the rules
      • Activate the correct storage of customer data
      • Enable adequate control of access to sensitive data.

      Detailed schedule and course schedule offered:

      Day 1: Introduction to GDPR and initiation in compliance with GDPR

      • Objective and structure of the course
      • General Data Protection Regulation
      • Fundamental Principles GDPR
      • Initiation of the GDPR implementation.

      Day 2: Planning GDPR implementation

      • Management and approval of the conformity implementation project with GDPR
      • Data protection policy
      • Defining the organizational structure of data protection
      • Data classification
      • Risk analysis within the GDPR.

      Day 3: Development of the GDPR project

      • Privacy Impact Analysis
      • Design of security controls and elaboration of reports specific to policies and procedures
      • Implementation of controls
      • Defining Document management processes
      • Communication Plan
      • Training and Awareness Plan.

      Day 4: Monitoring and continuous improvement of GDPR compliance

      • Incident Management
      • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
      • Internal Audit
      • Breach of data and corrective actions
      • Continuous improvement
      • Competency, evaluation and closing session training.

      Day 5: Certification exam

      Certification provided for the Personal Data Protection Officer Course

      After you have successfully supported the exam, you will be able to apply for credentials, as shown in the table below.
      300 hours of activity in the protection of DatelorSemnarea Ethical code PECB

      Other useful information about the DPO authorization course

      • The price of the certification is included in the price of the course.
      • If the exam is not passed, you can resume the examination process, free of charge, within one year.
      • If the exam is not promoted at first, the candidate must wait 15 days to reclaim it.
      • If the exam is not promoted to the second attempt, the candidate must wait three months to reclaim it.
      • If the exam is not promoted to the third attempt, the candidate must wait six months to reclaim it.
      • It offers free assistance and support for post-course deployment.

      What is the general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

      The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that will apply a stronger data protection regime for organizations operating in the European Union (EU) and which manage the data of EU citizens. GDPR constitutes the protection of personal data of employees, clients and others.. If the organizations do not comply with this regulation, they will be subjected to large fines and the reputation of the firm will suffer.

      Considering that personal data is critical and sensitive information that all organizations should protect, such regulation will help to establish appropriate procedures and controls to prevent infringements Information security. Until May 2018, all organizations operating in the EU should comply with this regulation and designate a DPO.

      Why is the regulation on general protection of GDPR data important?

      Considering that data breaches have become very sophisticated in recent years, the need for data protection has increased too. Information security is crucial to the success of any organization, as it handles the protection of Sensitive data against unauthorized access, use, replication and destruction. As such, organizations should implement measures and controls to manage and mitigate risks related to information security and to comply with the GDPR requirements.

      If organizations do not comply with GDPR requirements, penalties can reach up to 4% of an organization's annual turnover. Also, in case of more serious breaches, penalties can reach 20 million euros from Annual revenues of an organization.

      The implementation of a privacy framework, on the other hand, will enable professionals to develop and implement reliable controls, which are generally accepted. Becoming a Certified Protection officer Data (DPO) will allow you to acquire the necessary expertise to understand the risks that might have a negative impact on your organization. and to implement the necessary strategic responses based on the most Good practices, requirements and principles GDPR.

      How do I start working with data protection training?

      The first step is to prepare with the fundamentals of GDPR that will help you achieve compliance. Our training courses are provided by experienced trainers who will help you understand the benefits and how they may be applicable to your organization. Our experts are here to help you through the entire process.

      See the Course page.

    • Operator course promotion in the field of computer assisted design Catia V5

      Start Date: 19.09.2018
      List Price: €500 (exempt from VAT)

      • 24% for students, master and unemployed;
      • 15% for other professional categories.

      duration: 40 hours
      Program: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 17.00 – 21.00.

      Trainer: John Galan
      The course is accredited ANC-according to the standard occupational Operator in the field of computer Assisted design code COR: 351104. The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Family and social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Research and innovation and attests all the professional competences of the occupation.


      1. Introduction. General presentation of CATIA V5 program
      2. CATIA Sketcher Module
      3. CATIA Part Design Module
      4. CATIA Drafting Module
      5. CATIA Assembly Design Module

      See the Course page.