Duration of course: 1 day
We all know that performance means success. Success in both the to and on a personal level. But the way to achieve success is not easily and in any case is not by chance. Point success is not what interests us. What we want, both on a personal level and in the workplace, is a performance enhanced and capable we bring long-term benefits. To ensure that we achieve such a success, should the premises for the cream to appear. To understand what is happening, how it happens, and especially what happens to have success in an action or other thoughts on the first step, the most important, to know what to do further, not only to get the desired performance, but also to develop , to enhance it.
The present course gives a few of the little secrets of the road towards achieving success than expected.
The course aims to develop skills and expertise to assist in the understanding and improvement of organizational performance. This development plan powers performance management will:

  • give a practical concept of organizational performance;
  • the opportunity to develop your analytical and decision-making skills for analysis of performance and planning future performance;
  • get to your îmbunătățiţi practical arrangements for teamwork.

This program is based on collaborative activities in small groups and in plenary, as well as discussions and analyses in the plenary on the results of the team. The program also provides interactive exercises and case studies, each culminating in a session with the conclusions of the Group and individual skills development in that session. All these conclusions may form the basis of a plan for the development of individual skills which can be a very useful tool for managers to establish and verify the actions to be taken after completion of the program.

This program is aimed at managers, regardless of the level in a hierarchical structure that they lie in the company and they want to îmbunătăţeasca the skills and abilities of performance analysis and planning, both at the nivleul the Department that you are leading but also at the level of the company.

Session 1: BREAKING the ICE
The opening of the course. Presentation of the participants and trainers. Safety training. Expectations and fears. Presentation of the objectives of the course.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • understand what is and what it comprises performance management system and what are the key elements of this system;
  • assess how organizational performance influences and depends on the performance of departments and employees of the company.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • înţeleage the importance of the activities of the major departments of the company (HR, marketing, finance and operations) in order to achieve organizational performance;
  • define the main objectives of performance and assess the effectiveness of departmental practices;
  • plan performance targets for the activity organization departments;
  • used as a working tool the balanced score card.

Session 4: GENERAL SUMMARY of the course and KNOWLEDGE GAINED

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