Management of anti-fraud activities in public procurement

Management of anti-fraud activities in public procurement. Optimal solutions for prevention and combating fraud in public procurement.

Duration: 1 day/8 hours

Program: 12.30-20.30

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Course Theme

  1. Vulnerabilities, risk factors and threats to the public procurement system in Romania. Analysis of the elements introduced by the new public procurement regulations.

The usefulness of identifying the vulnerabilities of risk factors and threats both from legal and procedural perspective and organizational is evident in the context of new legislative changes. Their awareness enables better targeting of monitoring and control activities, as well as the managerial strategy of public procurement at the institution level.

  1. The causes and conditions which favour the committing of ileglităţilor in the public procurement system.

These circumstances, respectively, must be analysed and evaluated on legal, procedural and managerial floor. It is essential that the etiological approach of various forms of deviance in public procurement material optimization the application of appropriate intervention techniques in order to prevent and combat this kind of crime.

  1. Commit methods of fraud in public procurement procedures in Romania.

Public procurement procedures are often marked by issues that deviate from legal imperatives and which can be considered to be true fraud. The awareness of the ways in which these undesirable behaviors are manifested from the perspective of criminal law and/or contravention may lead to their avoidance in future public procurement procedures. Many times, these frauds can also occur as an effect of the different approaches to potentially tortive facts, which exist at the level of administrative control and monitoring institutions, respectively judicial. It is in the best interest of all to avoid reaching such a situation, which may seriously affect the patrimony of the institution or the personal patrimony of the members of the evaluation committees.

  1. Analysis of incident crimes in the field of public procurement in Romania.

Criminal law constitutes an unknown to many of the participants in public procurement procedures. Legal bans are often violated and because of the lack of knowledge of the law, without particularly having a manifest intention.

The analysis of the legal provisions creates a solid basis for those who participate or monitor public procurement procedures in order to avoid falling into the legislative traps.

  1. The regime of incompatibilities and conflict of interests in the field of public procurement.

The problem of incompatibilities and conflict of interest has become an extremely acute one and it can be negatively passed on the effectiveness and legality of a public procurement procedure, namely the credibility of the institution. In this section will be presented the main incompatibilities established by law, the modalities of manifestation of conflict of interests, as well as elements of an organizational-managerial nature that can prevent such situations.

  1. Methods and techniques of anti-fraud intervention at the nievlul of contracting authorities.

Anti-fraud intervention is the way to respond to the contracting authority to the potential illegalities that may arise during public procurement procedures. The choice of one or more intervention techniques, iindependent or combined, constitutes a managerial option in the public procurement process. Consistency and Expectanțele in the application of these techniques can be evaluated on realistic bases and may subsequently be subject to adaptations or changes in the substance.

  1. The obligations of civil servants with management and control powers in the event of the finding of irregularities in public procurement procedures.

The presentation of this kind of obligations, in a unified and coherent way, is the easiest way towards the full understanding and deepening of the legal, procedural or occupational imperatives of managers or those monitoring the procedures for Public procurement. On this occasion, the specific procedures for reaction which a manager or auditor should have when, in the performance of the service tasks, the existence of an indication of săvârșire of illegalities in the procedures for Public procurement.

  1. Case studies.

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