Information Security Course

Duration: 8 hours/1 day;

Schedule: 09.00-17.00.

Price: 100 Euro/pers. + VAT.

The price includes: course support in electronic format, lunch, coffee break and internal promanagement diploma.

Course Schedule:

Introduction to security

What is security

Why security is important

Drivers that influence security

The Evolution of Security Landscape

Fundamental Principals of Security


2) Preparing Implementation an information security management system

What are applicable international and local laws and regulations?

Prohibited / Embargoed lists

Leadership commitment

Policies, standards, guidelines, procedures,

Data classification and its importance

Assets. Baselines.

Security Frameworks

3) Risk Management

Objectives for security

Risks definition

Risk assessment

Risk treatment

4) Identity and access management

Services of Security.

Access control models

5) Layers of security

Data in motion, data at rest, data in processing

Communication security

Application security

Data security

People security

Infrastructure security

Defense in depth

6) Privacy

Privacy regulations

Personal Data.

Information lifecycle

Access and operation

7) Operations

Infrastructure Monitoring

Configuration management

Change Management

Incident & Problem Management

Security Operations; Security Monitoring, Vulnerability management, Patching, Security incident management, Threat Intelligence

Compliance & audit


8) Improvement

Lesson Learned


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