First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses

First-aid knowledge has become a necessity in the current context of urban aglomerarilor and the spectrum of diseases we face in the population. Unforeseen medical events can occur anytime and anywhere, whether we are at work, whether we are on the street or with family on vacation. The first aid course helps us not only to know how to act in critical situations but also how to react to special events.

This first aid course is intended for both Pesoanelor who do not have medical training and those who have medical training or work in the medical field and want to freshen up knowledge with the latest protocols.

The course is dedicated to companies working with the public or in which employees perform works and activities in dangerous environments.

There is also a legal obligation, under law 319/2006, for the employer to take the necessary measures to give first aid to the workplace and to train his employees in this respect.

The course is supported by instructors certified by the European Resuscitation Council, with practical experience in performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and in securing first aid in case of trauma.

Course I – First aid in case of Cardio-respiratory Stop (duration 4 hours)
– Evaluation of the State of consciousness
– Breathing Assessment
– Performing compressions and saving rebreaths
– Using Defibrillator paddles
– Lateral Safety position

Course II – Elemete of trauma and special cases (duration 3 hours)
– First aid in case of obstruction with foreign body
– Stopping bleeding
– Burns
– Recognition and immobilization of fractures
– By choice:
– First aid in case of amputation
– Foreign body implanted
– First aid in case of drowning
– First aid in case of anaphylactic shock
– First aid in case of epileptic seizure

Prices include all materials necessary for the course of the courses:

– Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation mannequins

– Mattress perform first aid maneuvers

– Defibrillator

– Sterlizante Compresses

– Bandages Compresive

– Buttocks

– Pipe Guedel

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