Corporate team building

Corporate Team Building

How to build a solid and efficient working team and how you can become a respected member or team member.

Duration: 2 – 3 days or more, as appropriate, depending on the beneficiary's requests.

Trainer: The University of Police Academy "Al. I.

Cuza ", associate Trainer SC Pro Management.

Thematic content. Workshops

1. Streamline organizational interaction from the perspective of the individual and the group.

2. Construction and management of working groups and working parties.

3. Streamline communication in the Working Group and working teams; Communicating with difficult personalities and temperaments.

4. Assertiveness and influence in the organisation and working groups.

5. Professional career automanagement.

6. Conflict management in the organization.

7. Time management in the Working Group.

8. Stress self-management at individual and group level.

9. Case studies.