Pro Management offers to all companies who want to prepare their employees in house training programs in the IT field (information Technology), computer-assisted design, Management, economic or legal etc.

Pro Management Trainings, for any of the courses offered, can be performed in our headquarters or beneficiary anywhere in the country.
The course Agenda, duration and period will be agreed by mutual agreement. For the courses at the Pro Management headquarters you can opt for accommodation and dining services.
Corporate Training count in professional training through "in-house" training programs for an organization that would like to scolarizeze employees on certain aspects of their processes or responsibilities.

More and more organizations, multinational companies, banking institutions, public institutions use corporate training as an incentive for managers and employees within their organization. This "win-win" arrangement creates managers better trained for the organization and provides employees with a portfolio of recognized skills and qualifications.
Pro Management offers the guarantee of training, whatever type of course you choose and we ensure that:
• Training (training) of students is relevant, with carefully selected course materials
• The courses are highly interactive and are addressed to all learning and group styles.
• The Pro Management professional team can personalize a course program to help you get the most out of your company's specific professional training.

Pro Management offers a wide range of training and certifications authorized by vendors such as: Microsoft, Linux, RedHat, Oracle, Autodesk, Catia but also authorised ANC courses or specialized courses.

The elite instructors of the Pro Management Training Center offer a experineta of over 20 years and Consutanta, so our course offers become flexible and tailored to our customers ' needs and requirements.

As it and Business technologies develop at a fast pace, it is very important that the investment of time and money is a long-term intelligence: investment in employee training

Advantages of Employee Intruirii

Training, training and certification of your employees With Pro Management Bucharest has the following advantages:

  • Increases efficiency in production and teamwork
  • Increase problem solving skills
  • Increases the degree of satisfaction in the workplace
  • Increases the employment and maintenance rate of employees in the company by up to 80%
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase profitability in investments
  • Reduce expenditure
  • The training programs are appreciate employees as much as the raise.

Pro Management is present in the Electronic system of public procurement S.E.A.P. and comes to meet requests from public institutions offering dedicated consultancy and support.

Companies that have turned to CORPORATE TRAINING