Competitive Intelligence and Advocacy

Duration: 1 day/8 hours

Program: 12.30-20.30

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Course Theme

  1. Competitive intelligence notion, importance and utility.

The information is vital both in the lives of organisations and individuals. Business information allows the Fructification Oprtunităților the market offers. Understanding the usefulness of this concept provides the basis for addressing the managerial style based on information.

  1. Competitive Intelligence in the modern organization or company. external and internal information of the Organization or company.

The use of business information becomes one of the efficient management engines. Both the company and the external environment provide information about efficiency, success, failures, oprtunități and threats. An information obtained in time and used correctly marks the difference between profit and loss. The identification of ways of optimizing the collection and use of information should become part of the organizational-managerial culture.

  1. The collection, analysis and capitalization of the competitive intelligence type information.

In this section we will familiarize ourselves with the concrete ways of gathering, analyzing and harnessing the competitive intelligence type information. The incursion will allow us to understand how certain databases and sources of information can help us in managing business information.

  1. Economic and industrial espionage. Current trends.

The activity of competitive intelligence has as complement economic and industrial espionage. The analysis of aspects of the essence of economic espionage activities will help us to make a correct demarcation between a legal practice and a potential crime.

  1. The modern organization or company and Cybercriminalitatea.

Cybercrime can be clearly linked to economic espionage practices. The specificity of the activities circumscribed cybercrime but which can be subject to economic espionage will be analysed in order to identify optimal ways of counteracting this phenomenon.

  1. Information protection of the Organization or company against internal and external aggression. Information Protective management consultancy elements.

This activity, which in the military sphere is called "internal protection or counterintelligence", can be applied very successfully and to the economic organisation. Conceptual translation and adaptation of specific instruments will be carried out on the basis of comparative analyses.

  1. Advocacy in contemporary society.

Its information and materialization can be used in lobby and advocacy campaigns. The main trends related to the two concept – lobby and advocacy will be presented.

  1. Organizing and conducting advocacy activity.

Organizing a advocacy campaign involves calling for managerial, sociological and organizational psychology tools. Their thorough knowledge will allow for an effective combination of designing and conducting a productive advocacy campaign.

  1. Ethics of advocacy activity.

Considered a milestone in the specialists ' environment, advocacy ethics becomes essential when running campaigns at different intervals, for entities with antagonistic interests. The advocacy firm uses information and connections from previous campaigns for future success. Is it ethical to praise or blamăm exaggerate just to achieve a purpose?

  1. Case studies.

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