Price: 500 Euro
The course is exempt from VAT payment.
The price includes printed course support, ANC certificate and internal Pro Management diploma.
duration: 40 hours
Program: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 17.00 – 21.00.
Start Date: 19 . 09.2018
Discounts Awarded:
– 24% for students, master and unemployed (based on the approved Carnet)
– 15% for other professional categories.
Trainer: John Galan
The course is accredited ANC-according to the standard occupational Operator in the field of computer Assisted design code COR: 351104. The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Family and social Protection and the Ministry of Education, Research and innovation and attests all the professional competences of the occupation.

The diploma will be issued by the professional training provider (SC Pro Management SRL) by ANC – The National Qualification Authority and is recognised both at national level and in the Member States of the European Union. For international recognition of graduation certificates issued to graduates after the completion of the course, it is necessary to "Apostille" (countries signatories to the Hague Convention) or "Overlegalization" (non-signatory countries of the Hague Convention).


1. Introduction. General presentation of CATIA V5 program
1.1 3d graphics in assisted design: definition, basics, use, current stage
1.2 Program configuration elements, specific terms
1.3 Main modules of CATIA V5 Program-Overview, Illustration
2. CATIA Sketcher Module
2.1 Introduction to CATIA Sketcher
2.2 Constraints Modeling Tools
2.3 Profile Modeling Tools
2.4 Operation Modeling Tools
2.5 applications solved and proposed for individual work
3. CATIA Part Design Module
3.1 Introduction to CATIA Part Design
3.2 Sketch-Based Features modeling Tools
3.3 Modeling Tools Surface-Based Features
3.4 Modeling Tools Dress-Up Features
3.5 Modeling Tools Transformation Features
3.6 Boolean Operations Modeling tools
3.7 applications solved and proposed for individual work
4. CATIA Drafting Module
4.1 Introduction to CATIA Drafting
4.2 Tools Design Views Tool
4.3 Tools for designing dimensions Tool
4.4 Tools ProiectareAnnotations Tool
4.5 Design Tools Geometry Creation
4.6 Design Tools Geometry Modification
4.7 applications solved and proposed for individual work
5. CATIA Assembly Design Module
5.1 Introduction to CATIA Assembly Design
5.2 Assembly Tools PRODUCT structure Tool
5.3 Assembly Tools Constraints Tool
5.4 Assembling Tools Assembly Features
5.5 Applications solved and proposed for individual work

ANC Authorization

Acquired competencies

Development of CAD Solutions and services
Making 2d drawings specific to the field of activity in a CAD-type application
Making 3d drawings specific to the field of activity in a CAD-type application
Transposition of drawings falls on a suitable medium
Use of standardised elements IN the technical drawing
Creating complex projects using graphical representations/data from external files
Giving advice to users of CAD applications

MODEL Graduation Certificate

Access conditions + Registration documents

The registration of the training program is conditional on the graduation of secondary studies.
• Copy of the ID.
• Copy of the Baccalaureate diploma.

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