Anti-fraud management activities in projects financed from European funds. New methods and techniques to prevent and combat fraud

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  1. Causes and conditions encouraging the perpetration of the funded projects ileglităţilor.

Knowledge of these causes and conditions creates prerequisites for adopting concrete solutions to avoid the manifestation of their effects. Beyond awareness, it becomes essential to taking them into account, particularly in high-risk projects of operational or financial risk. These circumstances interests alike, so project managers, auditors, and staff from management authorities working in this field.

  1. Although the methods of fraud in European funded projects.

In this section will be presented the main factual and legal methods whereby they commit fraud in European funded projects and solutions applicable to avoid the recurrence of such acts.

  1. Analysis of crimes provided for in the criminal law in the field of European funded projects.

Criminal regulations in protection of material financial interests of the European Union, subject to uniform rules in all Member States. Crime analysis offers the possibility of making some culpable behaviour in European funded projects and in subsequent procedures and avoid the manifestation or their materialisation.

  1. Management of situations of incompatibility and conflict of interest in European funded projects.

Incompatibilities and conflicts of interest that could be the subject of an investigation into a European funded project will be analysed in detail and will be engrave overall solutions or point of avoiding them. It will put emphasis on the implementation of mechanisms to prevent the situation of incompatibility or conflict of interest, both at the level of beneficiaries of projects with non-reimbursable funding and potential suppliers.

  1. Preventing and combating fraud in public procurement procedures.

Tendering procedures constiutuie the backbone of the European funded projects. Are to the same extent generating efficiency and inconvenience to potențialăă beneficiaries. Knowledge of the procedures in which manifests itself in these fraud procedures becomes very important for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the projects financed from EU money.

  1. Methods and techniques of intervention of public authorities in nievlul fraud, management or the beneficiaries of projects.

Anti-fraud activities management in European funded projects presents a peculiar specificity, both by nature of ex-ante control and ex-post. In this context, intervention techniques to presentation fraud is welcome to be able to sample good faith users, and project managers.

  1. Remedial and reactive management in the event of irregularities projects with European funding.

Identifying instances of discrepancy between the requirements of "finanțatorului" and its reality often leads to suspension of funding or the application of financial corrections with direct impact on the projects. The establishment, at the level of the beneficiaries or to the supervisory authorities of corrective mechanisms, coupled with the early reaction may result in negative impact on lessening the differences discovered might have on the project.

  1. Case studies.

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