Microsoft's competencies to Pro Management, as a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2001, are consistent evidence of technical expertise, experience, and commitment to international standards. Pro Management has the following competencies, obtained on the basis of the international certifications of the team of experts, consultants and trainers, and a 15 year experience on the Microsoft products market in Romania:

1. Silver Learning Partner Competence
2. Competence Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
3. Competence Silver Hosting Partner
4. Competence Silver Datacenter Partner


PRO MANAGEMENT has been accredited by PEOPLE CERT for the ITIL FOUNDATION course

Authorized Partner GOLD - PECB EUROPE

We are glad to inform that you have reached GOLD Level of Partnership with PECB and we want to congratulate you for this success with PECB courses. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continues success and reaching this Level of Partnership.

Special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job! We wish you best in organizing courses this year and benefit from this mutual partnership. ” PECB TEAM

SR EN ISO 9001: 2008

The fundamental objective of Pro Management is customer satisfaction. Fully committed to establishing and meeting quality standards capable of meeting the requirements and expectations of its clients, Pro Management applies the quality system based on the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Priority in achieving the declared objective is the professionalism of the trainers, proper organization of the company, motivation of staff and proper design of all administrative and technical processes in order to continuously improve the quality indicators

National Authority for Qualifications (NAC):

Based on the authorizations issued by ANC, Pro Management is authorized to issue graduation certificates issued by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education attesting to the level of training and practical skills acquired at the end of the training, being the only legal documents on the basis of which can be recorded in the workbook the corresponding qualification according to the Romanian Occupations Catalog (COR).

At present, the PRO MANAGEMENT training center runs & nbsp; 3 training programs authorized by ANC:

  •    Developer help – COR 351201
    • Computer assisted design operator – COR 351104
    • Public Procurement Expert – COR 214946

Model diplomas issued by Pro Management:

  • ANC Diploma (The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection and the Elderly and the Ministry of National Education, and attests to all the professional competences of the occupation. The qualification obtained after graduating the course and supporting the examination can be done in the workbook according to the COR code).
  • Internship Diploma ProManagement
  • Microsoft's recognized national and international diploma
  • PECB Diploma (For Personal Data Protection Officer course  DPO )