Price: 500 EUROS VAT Exempt

The course is accredited ANC (national authority for Qualifications) according to the standard occupational ' in designing computer-assisted "code 351104 CHORUS.

The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of labour, family and social protection and Elderly and the Ministry of national education, and the professional skills of all attest to this occupation. Qualification obtained after completing the course and support exam can be written in the last work according to code.

The course is exempt of VAT payment.

Price includes printed course support ANC certificate.

Duration: 40 hours

Working hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 17.00-21.00.

Discounts granted to:

-24% for undergraduates, graduate students and unemployed people (based on the book endorsed)

-15% for the other occupational categories.

Trainer: Ike Galan


1. introduction. General presentation of the program CATIA V5

1.1 3D graphics in computer aided design: defining the basic elements, usage, current state

1.2 configuration Elements of the program specific terms

1.3 the main modules of the Software CATIA V5-overview, examples

2. Module CATIA Sketcher

2.1 Introduction to the CATIA Sketcher

2.2 Tools for modeling Constraints

2.3 Modeling Tools Profiles

2.4 tools Operation modeling

2.5 Applications for proposed and solved individually

3. Module CATIA Part Design

3.1 Introduction to CATIA Part Design

3.2 modeling tools of Sketch-Based Features

3.3 Surface Modeling Tools-Based Features

3.4 Tools for modeling the Dress-up Features

3.5 Transformation Modeling Tools Features

3.6 modelling Tools Boolean Operations

3.7 Applications resolved and proposed for individual work

CATIA Drafting Module 4.

4.1 Introduction to CATIA Drafting

4.2 Design Tools Views Tool

4.3 Tools Design Dimensions Tool

4.4 proiectareAnnotations tools Tool

4.5 Tools Design Geometry Creation

4.6 Instruments to design Geometry Modification

4.7 Applications resolved and proposed for individual work

5. Module Design, CATIA Assembly

5.1 Introduction to the CATIA Assembly Design

5.2 Tools Assembly Product Structure Tool

5.3 Assembly Constraints, Tools Tool

5.4 Assembly Tools Assembly Features

5.5 Applications and proposed for resolved individually

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