Curs Kafka

Durata: 32 ore/ 4 zile

Pret: 1.200 Euro + TVA

Pretul include:

Suportul de curs in format electronic, masa de pranz, coffee break, diploma interna ProManagement.

Agenda curs:

Day 1


Motivation and Customer Use Cases

Apache Kafka Fundamentals

How Kafka Works

Integrating Kafka into your Environment

Workshop - general Specifications

Day 2

Kafka Architecture

Schema Management in Kafka

Kafka Connect for Data Movement

Kafka in the Data Center

Workshop - deployment example

Day 3

Kafka vs Other Messaging Systems

Intra-Cluster Replication

Kafka’s Components

Log Administration, Retention, and


Hardware and Runtime Configurations

Monitoring and Alerting

Cluster Administration

Workshop - deployment example

Day 4

Securing Kafka

Using Kafka Connect to Move Data

Motivation and Concepts for Streams

Motivation and Use Cases for Real-Time


High Level Comparison of Kafka Streams

and KSQL

Stream Processing Concepts

Kafka Streams Architecture

Workshop - hands-on example

Diploma obtinuta: Certificat Pro Management