PostgreSQL for Implementation & Administration

Curs PostgreSQL for Implementation & Administration

Durata curs: 40 ore/5 zile (8 ore/zi)

Program: 09.00 – 17.00

Pret: 1800 Euro



Programa curs:

Ziua 1

Server setup and configuration

Database roles and client authentication

SQL – data types, functions and operations, type conversions

SQL –  Data definition, views

Ziua 2

SQL – Queries , joins ,aggregates

SQL – data access, indexes, optimisations

Inheritance, partiționare, volume de disc

Full text search, GIN/GIST indexes, JSON types

Ziua 3

Concurrency Control, transactions, locking

Functions, using regular expressions for finding data

SQL and PLPgSQL functions


Ziua 4

Information log and audit oriented strategies for creating tables

Using PostgreSQL clients from a scripting language

Database maintenance using command line utility – psql

Monitoring database activity using  pgAdmin

Ziua 5

Managing Databases, maintenance tasks

Database export and import

Backup and Restore

High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication


Fiecare lecție de două ore are prezentare teoretică și apoi testare practică, exerciții executate de fiecare cursant.

Verifica data de incepere a cursului dorit si rezerva online un loc la curs.